About GoBabyGo! and FRC Team 1939

It’s our mission that every child in the United States, and across the entire world, deserves to be able to move on their own.
— Natalie Beyer, Business Captain

We established our relationship with GoBabyGo of Rockhurst University located in Kansas City, Missouri in 2015. GoBabyGo is an international organization founded by Dr. Cole Galloway to provide children with disabilities the opportunity to move independently. Kendra Gagnon leads the Kansas City chapter out of Rockhurst University and has graciously encouraged this relationship. Variety KC sponsors GoBabyGo and has generously provided donations to buy all the necessary parts and cars for modification. 

More about GoBabyGo!

GoBabyGo Connect

In 2017, Dr. Galloway granted our team permission to build a partnership between GoBabyGo chapters and FRC teams world-wide. We created a forum where chapters and families in need across the world can partner with other FIRST Robotics teams, download how-to manuals, and share their success stories. The forum was the brainchild of Barstow junior Alexey Ayzin, the team’s Outreach & Communications Director. Already, groups from as far as New Zealand are using the site.

Technical Resources

Below are manuals for two cars we have custom-modified for children with disabilities. We have created these manuals with the help of our GoBabyGo chapter: