Rank 22 with a record of 5-7-0 and won the following awards:

  • Chairman’s Award
  • Dean’s List Finalist – Izzy Lloyd


Rank 39 with a record of 4-7-0 and won the following awards:

  • Imagery Award
  • Woodie Flowers Award – Head Coach Gavin Wood

2013: The Killer Rabbot

In 2013, we had a fun-filled, wonderful year. Our robot, The Killer Rabbot, took us to the finals at both the Inaugural Arkansas Razorback Regional and the Greater Kansas City Regional. In addition, we won the imagery award, quality award, the wild card, and were regional finalists. Our robot is named the Killer Rabbot due to our Monty Python and the Holy Grail theme. This year was a chance for our more experienced team of sophomores and juniors to demonstrate the skills that they had developed over the previous season. Thanks to the astounding effort of our mentors and our devoted team members, we managed to have an incredible season.



Rank 2 with a record of 12-4-1 and won the following awards:

  • Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen


Rank 2 with a record of 13-3-0 and won the following awards:

  • Regional Finalists
  • Quality Award sponsored by Motorola
  • Wild Card

2012: The Black Knight

In 2012, we had a fun-filled, successful year. Our robot, The Black Knight, took us to the quarterfinals at the Oklahoma Regional and we managed to win the Imagery Award. In addition, we won the Imagery Award for our robot at the Cowtown Throwdown post-season event. Our robot is named The Black Knight due to our Monty Python and the Holy Grail theme. Besides being successful in building our robot, we also won the Website Excellence award for the first time in team history, and we are proud of our entirely student-managed website. This year was a learning experience for the whole team since we lost all of 2011’s talented seniors. But thanks to the help of our amazing mentors and eager team members, we managed to have a year to be proud of.



Rank 20 with a record of 5-4-0


Team 1939 was Rank 4 with a record of 11-2-0 and won the following awards:

  • Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen

2011: The Laden Swallow

In 2011, we had a very successful year. With our robot, The Laden Swallow, we were finalists and won the Imagery Award. In Minnesota, we won the imagery award too! Our robot is called the Laden Swallow because in the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Laden Swallow’s ability to hold a coconut was questionable. So, our minibot was a coconut. We had several seniors on the team this season, Austin Abitz won the Dean’s List Award in 2011 against many people.



Dean’s List inductee: Austin Abitz, ’11.

Imagery Award – Minnesota North Star

Imagery Award – Kansas City Regional

Finalist – Kansas City Regional

Best Dressed Team Award – CowTown ThrowDown

2010: Designing Dennis

Two years ago, our robot’s name was Dennis. The 2010 competition season started out really rough. Our robot broke down four times at the KC Regional. We were incredibly disappointed that all of our hard work seemed to have gotten us nowhere. We placed 54th out of 59. The kicker didn’t even kick. Our limit switch proved to be limiting our success. Lucky for us, Spring Break came and we worked hard to fix the kicker and the limit switch. We made adjustments to improve the robot’s overall performance. Our work finally paid off. We placed second in the Oklahoma City Regional and made it all the way to the semi-finals (check out the video)! Not only did our robot do well, but our team won three special awards and safety recognition again.


Finalist - Oklahoma City Regional

Coopertition Award – Oklahoma City Regional

Quality Award – Oklahoma City Regional

2009: Tim the Enchanter

In 2009, Tim appeared to us. Our design for the Lunacy competition was a shooting robot who could also pick up the balls. The holding system utilized a corkscrew ramp to allow for larger holding. Tim was a great bot who helped us immensely. He didn’t succeed as much as Sir Robin, but he still went far. Tim took us to the second round of semi-finals at the Kansas City Regionals.

2008: Brave Sir Robin

For this year, the challenge was the FIRST Overdrive. Our team decided to make a speedy, agile robot to get as many points as possible during the autonomous mode. Looking to our inspiration, Monty Python, one character leapt out at us as being a very fun and quick knight, the brave Sir Robin. And Sir Robin did not disappoint. He bravely ran away and helped us win the Engineering Inspiration award, which also led us all the way to Atlanta for the National Competition. Yes, for us Sir Robin sits close to our hearts. (And we’ll just ignore that “wetting himself at that battle” thing. We forgive him.)


Engineering Inspiration Award – Greater Kansas City Regional

2007: Sir Lancelot

This year, our team faced many difficulties. Our beginners’ luck ended fast. Lancelot opened up and became a ramp for two robots. Our robot depended on others to win. To date, Lancelot serves a reminder to always consider every opportunity.

2006: The Rookie Season

The first year, our team was small and the activity was new. We really weren’t all that sure about what we were doing, but we had a great time. Our school mascots are the Knights, which gave us the idea to name our team after Monty Python’s Kuh-nig-its, of Spamalot fame. The killer rabbit was a hit and our Monty Python costumes (and clacking coconuts) gave our team a presence and got us the spirit award. We also found out that really small, fast, and simple robots aren’t so bad. See our story about how we built Sir Galahad in our videos. Our sixth place finish won the award for highest rookie seed.


Chrysler Team Spirit Award – Greater Kansas City Regional

Best Dressed Team Award – CowTown ThrowDown